Odoo Assign leads based on scoring
2 November, 2022 by
Odoo Assign leads based on scoring
Siti Marini

Assign leads based on scoring

Lead Scoring lets you rank and prioritize leads based on selected criteria. A higher score indicates that a lead is more likely to bring value to your company.

For example, if customers from Canada tend to be more likely to purchase your products, you can assign them a higher score than customers from other countries.


To use scoring, go to Apps, remove the Apps filter, search for Lead Scoring and then install the module.

Lead Scoring module installation

Create scoring rules

To manage scoring rules, go to CRM ‣ Leads ‣ Scoring Rules.

Customize your rules to fit the needs of your business, and add as many criteria as you want.

Score Rule example

Every hour, Odoo automatically assigns scores to new leads according to your configured rules.

Scoring section on a lead

Assign leads

Odoo can also assign leads to specific teams based on configured rules. To configure assignment rules, go to the individual Sales Team’s configuration page via CRM ‣ Leads ‣ Team Assignment or CRM ‣ Configuration ‣ Sales Teams, and apply a specific Domain to each team. The Domain can include lead scores.

Team Assignments using domains

Assign leads to specific salespeople using further refined Domains at CRM ‣ Leads ‣ Leads Assignment.

Lead Assignments

Odoo automatically assigns new leads to teams/salespeople once per day.

Evaluate and use the unassigned leads

Not all leads will fall into your set Domains and get assigned automatically by Odoo.

To view your unassigned leads, go to CRM ‣ Leads ‣ Leads and select the Unassigned filter.

Filtering for unassigned leads


You can also find unassigned leads and create re-engagement campaigns using the Email Marketing or Marketing Automation apps.

Odoo Assign leads based on scoring
Siti Marini
2 November, 2022
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