Odoo Create onsite interventions from sales orders
15 November, 2022 by
Deviati Nur Istiqomah

Create onsite interventions from sales orders

Allowing your sales team to open onsite interventions creates a seamless experience for your customers. They can receive a quotation they first have to approve before the work even starts.

Configure a product

Go to Field Service ‣ Configuration ‣ Products and create or edit a product.

  1. Under the General Information tab, select Service as Product Type.

  2. Under the Sales tab, select Timesheets on tasks as Service Invoicing Policy.

  3. Select Create a task in an existing project as Service Tracking.

  4. Select your Project.

  5. If you use them, select your Worksheet Template and then click on Save.

Product configuration to create tasks from sales orders in Odoo Field Service

From the Sales app, create a quotation with the product and confirm it. A task is automatically set up under your Field Service project. It is directly accessible from the sales order.

Field Service task on a sales order in Odoo Sales
Deviati Nur Istiqomah
15 November, 2022
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