Odoo Lead mining
2 November, 2022 by
Odoo Lead mining
Siti Marini

Lead mining

In any business, getting quality leads is essential to keep the business growing. Lead mining allows you to generate leads from scratch directly from your database. Target your leads based on a set of criteria such as the country, the size of the company, the industry your leads are coming from to make them relevant to your business.


For this feature to work, go to CRM ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and activate the Lead Mining feature.


Start generating leads

You will now have a new button Generate Leads available in your pipeline. You are also able to create lead mining requests from the Configuration ‣ Lead Mining Requests and through Leads ‣ Leads where you have the Generate Leads button.


From there, click on the Generate Leads button, a window where you will be able to pick your criteria will pop up.


When choosing to target Companies and their contacts you can choose the contacts you are getting based on Role or Seniority. When getting contact information make sure to be aware of the latest EU regulation, get more information about General Data Protection Regulation on Odoo GDPR,

You can decide to filter the leads you are getting depending on the size (number of employees) of the companies. You can pick the countries your leads are coming from. It is possible to pick multiple countries. You can pick the industries your leads are coming from. It is possible to pick multiple industries.

You can choose the salesperson and the Salesteam the lead will be assigned to. You can also add tags to track your generated leads.


The generated leads will have the name of the company.


This is an In-App Purchase feature, each generated lead will cost you one credit. If you choose to get contact information each contact will also cost you one additional credit. Here is the pricing for this feature, To buy credits you can either go to CRM ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Buy Credits; or go to Settings ‣ Contacts ‣ Odoo IAP ‣ View my Services.



The blue box will automatically tell you how many credits are going to be consumed.



If you are on Odoo Online and have the Enterprise version, you benefit from free trial credits to test the feature.

Odoo Lead mining
Siti Marini
2 November, 2022
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