Odoo Using discount tags with a barcode scanner
1 November, 2022 by
Deviati Nur Istiqomah

Using discount tags with a barcode scanner

If you want to sell your products with a discount, for a product getting close to its expiration date for example, you can use discount tags. They allow you to scan discount barcodes.


To use discount tags you will need to use a barcode scanner.

Barcode Nomenclature

To use discounts tags, we need to learn about barcode nomenclature.

Let’s say you want to have a discount for the product with the following barcode:


You can find the Default Nomenclature under the settings of your PoS interface.


Let’s say you want 50% discount on a product you have to start your barcode with 22 (for the discount barcode nomenclature) and then 50 (for the %) before adding the product barcode. In our example, the barcode would be:


Scan the products & tags

You first have to scan the desired product (in our case, a lemon).


And then scan the discount tag. The discount will be applied and you can finish the transaction.

Deviati Nur Istiqomah
1 November, 2022
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